Where Can I Buy a Frisbee in Nyc


Frisbees are available for purchase at sporting goods stores like Modell’s and Paragon Sports in New York City. You can also find a selection at large retailers such as Target and Walmart.

New York City is a bustling metropolis with ample opportunities for outdoor activities, including Frisbee. Whether you’re planning a day out at Central Park or heading to the beach at Coney Island, finding a Frisbee to enhance your fun is easy in the Big Apple.

With numerous stores scattered throughout the city, both locals and tourists can easily locate a place to buy a Frisbee. Sporting goods stores specifically cater to a customer’s active lifestyle, while larger retail chains offer a variety of Frisbees, ensuring that you can pick up one that suits your style and budget. Remember to check the store’s online presence as well, as many offer the option to purchase online and pick up in-store for your convenience.


Hunting For Frisbees In The Big Apple

New York City, a bustling hub of endless activity, offers unique shopping experiences for all. For Frisbee enthusiasts, the city is a treasure trove of stores waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, finding the perfect Frisbee is key to enjoying the game. Let’s explore where you can snag the best Frisbees in NYC.

Specialized Sports Stores

In Manhattan and beyond, specialized sports stores cater to frisbee aficionados. These stores provide expert advice and a wide selection of products. Local gems like Paragon Sports and REI SoHo boast shelves filled with high-quality flying discs. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Paragon Sports – Offers a variety of discs for different skill levels.
  • REI SoHo – Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts looking for durable options.

Find vibrant colors and unique designs to stand out in Central Park or along the Hudson River. These shops ensure you get a Frisbee that meets your needs.

Big-box Retailers

Convenience reigns supreme at big-box retailers. Shops like Target and Walmart have a selection of Frisbees for all ages. Easy to access, these stores are located throughout the city. Check out the sports aisle for an array of choices:

Store Location Highlights Frisbee Variety
Target Available in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and more. Basic to advanced models.
Walmart Neighborhood Markets and Supercenters. Kids’ favorites to competition-ready.

These retailers offer Frisbees for casual play and more structured games. They ensure a simple shopping process with options for everyone.

Downtown Destinations For Discs

Ready to toss a frisbee in the heart of the city? New York’s downtown hides gems where frisbee enthusiasts can find their perfect disc. From local shops to street vendors, the city buzzes with spots to buy a frisbee. Let’s explore where you can grab a disc and start playing.

Local Sporting Goods Shops

Local stores are treasure troves for sports gear. They offer a variety of brands and styles. Below are prime downtown shops:

  • Paragon Sports: Broad selection and knowledgeable staff.
  • Modell’s Sporting Goods: Great deals and mainstream brands.
  • REI: Premium options for frisbee aficionados.

Soho Street Vendors

Soho’s vibrant streets also serve disc seekers. Street vendors in Soho sell unique and sometimes handcrafted frisbees. Notable spots include:

  • Prince Street Market: Variety of colorful designs and custom artwork discs.
  • Broadway Bazaars: Find everyday frisbees at competitive prices.

Scoring A Frisbee In Midtown Manhattan

Frisbees bring fun to picnics, parks, and beach days. Midtown Manhattan bursts with spots to snag that perfect disc. Whether it’s a trusted department store or a quaint pop-up market, options abound.

Department Store Selections

Big names like Macy’s and Target stand tall in Midtown. These stores offer a variety of Frisbees in bold colors and sizes. Check out their sports sections for durable choices.

  • Browse rows of outdoor games.
  • Find Frisbees for every age group.
  • Enjoy seasonal sales and discounts.

Pop-up Market Finds

Manhattan’s pop-up markets hide unique treasures. They pop up seasonally, adding zest to shopping adventures. Here, Frisbees often come in custom designs and vibrant hues.

  • Discover limited-edition discs.
  • Support local artisans and businesses.
  • Experience Frisbees with a New York twist.

Next weekend, why not make a Frisbee quest part of your Midtown itinerary?

Where Can I Buy a Frisbee in Nyc

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Online Options For Nyc Shoppers

Online Options for NYC Shoppers offer convenience and variety when searching for a new Frisbee. With just a few clicks, you can find numerous options to suit your playing style and preferences. Let’s explore the ease of buying a Frisbee from the comfort of your home.

Navigating E-commerce Platforms

Browsing for Frisbees on e-commerce platforms is like exploring a digital mega-mall. Giants such as Amazon and Walmart boast an extensive range of options.

  • Search filters help find the perfect Frisbee.
  • User reviews guide your buying decision.
  • Quick shipping gets your purchase to you fast.

Local Online Marketplaces

Local online marketplaces connect NYC shoppers with sellers near them. Platforms like Etsy or eBay offer unique or used options.

Platform Benefits
Etsy Hand-made and custom Frisbees
eBay Affordable and bidding options
Craigslist No shipping fees with local pickup

These sites often include detailed images and descriptions. You can find the Frisbee that speaks to you. Safe payment options ensure hassle-free transactions.

Community Connections And Frisbee Trades

Do you love Frisbee and live in New York City? Finding a Frisbee is more fun when you connect with others. Local groups and trade options bring frisbee lovers together. Let’s explore how to join these communities!

Joining New York Frisbee Groups

Meet fellow frisbee players by joining local groups. These groups gather often for games and events. Here are steps to join:

  • Search online for ‘NYC Frisbee Meetups’.
  • Find groups on social media platforms.
  • Attend meetups and make new friends.
  • Ask about Frisbee trades at these events.

Bulletin Boards And Community Centers

Community centers can be treasure troves for frisbee enthusiasts. Check out how:

  1. Visit a local community center.
  2. Look at the bulletin board for frisbee announcements.
  3. Post your trade requests or sales.

These centers often host frisbee-related events.

Community Center Events Trade Options
Manhattan Recreation Monthly Pick-up Games Yes
Brooklyn Sports Club Weekly Tournaments Yes
Queens Community House Seasonal Leagues Notice Board
Where Can I Buy a Frisbee in Nyc

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Where Can I Buy a Frisbee in Nyc

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Frequently Asked Questions For Where Can I Buy A Frisbee In Nyc

Where Can I Play Frisbee In Nyc?

You can play Frisbee in NYC’s Central Park, Prospect Park, or along the fields at Hudson River Park. These spots offer ample space for a casual game or organized play.

What Is The Easiest Frisbee To Throw?

The lightest and most stable Frisbee, often a mid-range disc, is the easiest to throw, ideal for beginners seeking control and consistency.

Where To Find Frisbees In Nyc?

Searching for a Frisbee in NYC is easy. Check out local sports stores, such as Modell’s or Paragon Sports. Some larger retail chains like Target may also have a selection. Don’t forget to explore outdoor or specialty toy stores for more options.

Are There Specialty Frisbee Shops In Nyc?

While NYC may not have dedicated Frisbee shops, specialty sports stores often carry a variety of discs. Try looking at stores that cater to outdoor activities or those that specialize in ultimate Frisbee and disc golf equipment.


Exploring NYC for the perfect Frisbee is now a breeze. Sporting goods stores, local toy shops, and online marketplaces await your keen eye. Embrace the city’s vibrant shopping scene and snag that ideal disc. Happy tossing!