How to Make a Frisbee Out of Paper Plates

To make a paper plate Frisbee, you need two paper plates and some tape. Face the plates together and fasten them around the edges with strips of tape.

Crafting a Frisbee from paper plates is not only a quick and fun project but also an excellent activity for children’s parties or a beach day. It sparks creativity and requires minimal materials, most of which you likely have at home already.

This DIY Frisbee serves as an entertaining way to introduce the principles of aerodynamics to kids. Engage in hands-on play while teaching them about flight and motion. The simplicity of the design ensures that anyone can successfully create a Frisbee, regardless of their crafting skills. With just paper plates and tape, you can transform these everyday items into a toy that promotes physical activity and outdoor fun.

How to Make a Frisbee Out of Paper Plates



The Allure Of Homemade Toys

The magic of creating playthings with your own hands never fades. Homemade toys have a unique charm, appealing to both kids and adults. They inspire creativity and bring out the joy of making something from scratch. Today, let’s rediscover the joy of DIY crafts by making a Frisbee out of paper plates – a simple, yet fun project!

Simplicity Meets Ingenuity

When basic materials transform into something delightful, simplicity meets ingenuity. A Frisbee made from paper plates is a perfect example. It requires minimal supplies, most of which you can find at home:

  • Two paper plates
  • Scissors
  • Decorative items (stickers, markers)
  • Glue or double-sided tape

Folding and cutting the plates to create the ideal aerodynamic shape teach valuable lessons in physics and design. It’s a DIY project that combines learning and play, proving that simple ideas can be incredibly clever.

Eco-friendly And Economical Fun

Eco-friendly activities not only entertain but also educate about sustainability. Making a paper plate Frisbee is an eco-conscious choice that utilizes recyclable materials. This craft also scores high on the economical scale:

Material Cost Eco-Friendly
Paper Plates Low Yes
Glue/Tape Minimal Yes
Decorations Optional Varies

Next time you plan a day at the park, consider crafting your own Frisbee. Not only will it be a unique toy, but it will also spotlight the importance of reusable materials. Eco-friendly can be fun, practical, and easy on the wallet, making sustainable living more approachable for everyone.

Choosing Your Materials

Embarking on a fun DIY project like creating your own paper plate Frisbee is exciting. The first step is choosing the right materials, which will determine the success of your Frisbee. This section explores the best options to set the stage for an awesome homemade flying disc.

Selecting The Right Paper Plates

Not all paper plates are created equal, especially when it comes to making a Frisbee. Consider the following points:

  • Thickness: Choose heavyweight paper plates for durability.
  • Size: Larger plates will result in a bigger Frisbee.
  • Shape: Rounded edges are best for smooth flight.

The plates should be sturdy yet flexible. This ensures a good balance between flight and easy handling. Pick plates without a deep well, as a flatter design yields better aerodynamics.

Supplies For Decorating

Once you’ve selected your plates, get creative with decorations. Gather the following supplies:

Decorating Supplies
Non-toxic markers or paint
Glue and glitter
Colored tapes

The purpose here is to add personality to your paper plate Frisbee. Always use light materials to maintain flight capabilities. Let your imagination fly as high as your Frisbee will!

Step-by-step Construction

Making a Frisbee from paper plates is fun and easy! Follow these simple steps to create your own flying disc and get ready to enjoy hours of entertainment. Let’s dive into the process!

Cutting And Shaping

The first step is to create the perfect Frisbee shape. You’ll need two paper plates for this project.

  1. Place one plate on a flat surface with the bottom facing up.
  2. Take the second plate and put it face down on top of the first one.
  3. Align the edges so they match perfectly.
  4. Using scissors, trim any uneven edges to make a circle.

Securing The Plates Together

It’s time to attach the plates to form your Frisbee.

  • Get some strong glue or double-sided tape.
  • Apply the adhesive along the rim of one plate.
  • Press the other plate firmly on top, making sure the rims align.
  • Let the adhesive dry for a strong bond.

Reinforcement For Durability

You want your Frisbee to last, so let’s reinforce it!

  • Cut a ring from cardboard, matching the size of the plate rim.
  • Glue this ring between the two plates for added stability.
  • For extra strength, cover the edges with durable tape.
  • Allow everything to set before your first toss.

Customizing Your Frisbee

Creating a frisbee from paper plates is just the beginning. Now, it’s time to make it uniquely yours! Let your imagination lead the way. With some colors, markers, stickers, and maybe a bit of glitter, you can transform a simple disc into a flying piece of art. Here are some creative ideas to customize your paper frisbee.

Decorative Ideas

Decorating your frisbee should be fun and reflective of your style. Here are some methods to make your frisbee stand out:

  • Use colorful markers to draw designs
  • Apply stickers for a quick and playful look
  • Attach glitter or sequins for shine
  • Cut out patterns from other paper plates and glue them on

Personalizing With Patterns

Patterns are a fantastic way to add personality and a professional touch. You don’t need to be an artist to create neat patterns:

Pattern Type Materials Needed
Stripes Tape and paint or markers
Polka Dots Bottle caps and paint
Abstract Sponges and watercolors
Geometric Stencils and pencils

Choose a theme or color scheme and create a pattern. For example, you might use nature-inspired greens and blues with leafy patterns, or maybe bold reds and oranges for a fiery design. Trace stencils or freehand draw. Make sure to let your paint dry before your next frisbee adventure.

Throwing Techniques And Games

Making a frisbee from paper plates is not only fun but it’s also the start of great outdoor games. Once you’ve crafted your paper frisbee, mastering the art of tossing it and inventing new games to play with friends are next. Let’s explore some throwing techniques and creative games to make the most out of your paper frisbee!

Mastering The Flick Of The Wrist

Perfecting your throw means controlling the flick of your wrist. This motion is key for a successful flight. Here are some tips:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart for balance.
  • Hold the frisbee level with the ground, using a firm grip.
  • Swing your throwing arm outward and release with a quick snap.
  • Practice this flicking motion to see how it affects the frisbee’s flight.

Creative Games For Your Paper Frisbee

With your frisbee ready, ignite your creativity for some exciting games. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Game Players Objective
Paper Plate Relay Teams of 3-4 Pass the frisbee among team members and reach the finish line first.
Target Toss 2 or more Throw the frisbee at a target, such as a basket, to score points.
Accuracy Challenge Any number Mark a spot and throw the frisbee as close to it as possible.

These games not only improve your throwing skills but also guarantee hours of entertainment. Grab your paper frisbee and let the games begin!

How to Make a Frisbee Out of Paper Plates


Safety First

Before you soar high with your new paper plate Frisbee, it’s important to stay safe and play safe. Just like any sport or playful activity, keeping safety in mind ensures fun for everyone.

Using Your Frisbee Responsibly

Remember, even paper can sting! Playing with your paper Frisbee requires some ground rules:

  • Always play in an open area.
  • Keep away from roads and water bodies.
  • Avoid throwing near people or pets.
  • Never aim at faces or breakable objects.

Tips For Injury Prevention

Let’s keep the game pain-free with these simple tips:

  1. Warm up your arms before playing.
  2. Be alert and watch the Frisbee at all times.
  3. Take breaks to rest your arms and avoid muscle strain.
  4. Use both hands for catching to reduce impact.

Respect the strength of your Frisbee and play with a positive spirit.

Recycling And Upcycling Post-play

Recycling and Upcycling Post-Play are key to sustainable fun with paper plate Frisbees. Enjoyment doesn’t need to end with wear and tear. Used Frisbees present new creative opportunities. This section guides environmentally conscious play enthusiasts through reusing and recycling their paper plate crafts responsibly.

Disposal Of Worn-out Frisbees

Don’t just toss them in the trash. Recycling is better. Most paper plates are biodegradable and recyclable. Check local guidelines. When recycling, remove any non-paper elements. If the plate is too soiled, compost it instead.

Ideas For Upcycling Used Paper Plates

Think outside the bin: Upcycling turns old into new. With imagination, paper plates become art projects, home decorations, or learning tools for kids.

  • Artistic canvases: Kids paint, draw, or collage on them.
  • Decor: Cut into shapes for garlands or wall art.
  • Educational tools: Practice letters, numbers, or puzzles.

For organized play spaces, sort these plate crafts using labeled bins:

Bin Label Use Case
Reuse Still good for play
Upcycle Ready for crafts
Recycle Pure paper, clean
Compost Soiled, no plastics
How to Make a Frisbee Out of Paper Plates


Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Make A Frisbee Out Of Paper Plates

How Do You Make A Simple Frisbee?

To craft a simple frisbee, find a durable plastic plate. Smooth its edges for a better grip and flight stability. Toss it with a flick of the wrist to enjoy.

How Do You Improvise A Frisbee Disk?

To improvise a frisbee, use a sturdy plastic plate. Choose one with minimal flex and smooth edges. Ensure it’s lightweight for optimal glide. Avoid plates with deep ridges or decorations that could affect flight. Always test in an open area for safety.

What Craft Can I Make With Paper Plates?

You can create animal masks, colorful fans, decorative wreaths, or festive holiday garlands with paper plates. These simple crafts are perfect for kids and adults alike.

How Do You Make A Frisbee Out Of Cardboard?

To make a frisbee from cardboard, cut out two large circles. Glue them together with a strip of cardboard in-between to create a smooth edge. Ensure the cardboard is stiff for best flight.


Crafting your own paper plate Frisbee is both fun and sustainable. It’s a quick DIY project perfect for all ages. Embrace your creative side and personalize each Frisbee with unique designs. Share the joy by making several, and enjoy an eco-friendly, affordable game day.

Ready, set, soar!