When was the Frisbee by Wham O Invented


The Frisbee, produced by Wham-O, was invented in 1957. Walter Morrison designed the first plastic flying disc, which Wham-O marketed.

The Frisbee represents an iconic staple in outdoor activities, known for its aerodynamic design that allows it to glide effortlessly through the air. Walter Morrison’s inventiveness led to a playful invention that would eventually become a household name. Wham-O capitalized on this design by branding it as the Frisbee and introducing it to the masses.

With its simple concept, the Frisbee has transcended mere toy status, becoming a symbol of leisure, sport, and communal play. It has inspired a range of games and sports, including Ultimate Frisbee and disc golf, solidifying its place in popular culture and recreational events worldwide. The Frisbee’s inception marked a shift in outdoor entertainment, skillfully blending fun with physical activity.

When was the Frisbee by Wham O Invented

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Birth Of The Flying Disc

The birth of the Flying Disc transports us to an era of simple fun and innovation. This remarkable toy began as a playful concept. Eventually, it soared into history books. Let’s unravel the story of the Frisbee by Wham-O, a phenomenon that’s been catching air since the 1950s.

Early Concepts And Precursors

Before plastic took to the skies, the idea of a flying disc was not unheard of. Ancient cultures used to toss flat, round objects for recreation.

  • Indigenous peoples used stone and clay discs as playthings.
  • Greeks made sport of flinging discus-like objects.
  • In the 20th century, tin lids served a similar purpose.

The journey from these humble beginnings to the iconic Frisbee involved creativity and a vision for endless fun.

The Rise Of Pie Tin Tossing

From bake shop to backyard game, pie tin tossing was a stepping stone. It started in American small towns.

  • Locals found joy in flinging empty pie tins.
  • The Frisbie Baking Company’s pie tins were commonly used.
Year Event
1871 Frisbie Baking Company founded.
1940s College students play with pie tins.
1957 Wham-O creates the plastic flying disc.

Wham-O’s founders witnessed this pastime and envisioned a safer, more aerodynamic version. This vision led to the iconic Frisbee we know today.

When was the Frisbee by Wham O Invented

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Transition Into Play

The humble origin story of the Frisbee echoes a tale of innovation and fun. Our journey through the ‘Transition into Play’ reveals a simple concept transforming into a global play phenomenon. Let’s dive into how an everyday item became a staple of outdoor recreation.

From Pie Company To Plaything

The Frisbee’s story began with the Frisbie Pie Company. Students discovered flying potential in pie tins. The throw and catch game was born. This activity quickly became popular across college campuses.

  • Pie tins used by Frisbie Pie Company became the first flying discs.
  • Students at Yale turned these tins into a game.
  • The game spread from playgrounds to college campuses, captivating users.

Wham-o’s Role And Innovation

Wham-O renamed the disc ‘Frisbee’ in 1957, igniting the play revolution. They transformed the pie tin’s design, using plastic for better flight. The toy gained fame, becoming a symbol of fun worldwide.

  1. 1957: Wham-O rebrands the flying disc to ‘Frisbee’.
  2. Design innovations create a more durable and stable disc.
  3. Frisbees enter the market, cementing their place in play history.

The Frisbee Takes Flight

The story of the Frisbee is a tale of fun and flight. From a simple idea, an iconic toy was born. This toy would capture the hearts of millions. It sails through the air with grace. It’s a symbol of carefree play. Let’s dive into the origins of this flying disc.

Walter Morrison’s Invention

The journey of the Frisbee started in the late 1940s. Walter Morrison had a brilliant idea. He designed a flying disc. He was inspired by tossing a popcorn tin lid. Morrison knew he had something special. He made a plastic version for better flight. In 1948, he released this toy as the “Flyin’ Saucer.”

After some tweaks, Morrison’s invention evolved. It was later called the “Pluto Platter.” This name hinted at the UFO craze of the time. Kids and adults loved this new game. They enjoyed flinging the disc and watching it soar.

The 1957 Wham-o Touch

Wham-O saw potential in Morrison’s design. In 1957, they changed the game. Wham-O took the Pluto Platter and renamed it. The new name was catchy – the “Frisbee”. Kids everywhere began saying, “Let’s go play Frisbee!”

This name was a nod to the Frisbie Pie Company. College students used to toss the company’s pie tins. They would yell “Frisbie!” to warn others. Wham-O capitalized on this piece of Americana. Suddenly, a simple plastic disc was a national sensation.

Frisbees started flying off the shelves. People in parks, beaches, and backyards enjoyed them. The Frisbee became an enduring symbol of fun. It led to sports like Ultimate Frisbee and disc golf. It’s amazing what a little ingenuity can do. Walter Morrison’s invention took flight in ways he never imagined.

Evolving Through The Ages

The Frisbee, a timeless icon of fun, has journeyed through history, transforming the way we play. Originally, Wham-O invented the Frisbee in 1957. This simple invention soared into the hearts of millions. Over time, it has evolved, improving in design and embedding itself in global culture.

Design Improvements

The evolution of the Frisbee’s design is a tale of innovation. Early versions were mere pie tins, tossed around for sheer enjoyment. When Wham-O stepped in, they revolutionized the concept. They crafted a plastic disc, optimizing its aerodynamics. Later iterations saw an indented center, offering better grip. More improvements followed:

  • Lighter materials for greater flight time
  • Aerodynamic contours for stability
  • Glow-in-the-dark options for evening play

These tweaks ensured a spot for the Frisbee in every park and beach outing.

The Frisbee’s Cultural Impact

The Frisbee’s whimsical flight has touched cultures worldwide. Its simple design invites all ages to play. This flying disc became a symbol of leisure, sparking a plethora of activities:

Sport Impact
Ultimate Frisbee A team sport blending soccer and football principles.
Frisbee Golf A relaxed, yet challenging game mirroring traditional golf.
Freesytle Players perform tricks, adding an artistic element to Frisbee tossing.

The Frisbee also found its way into movies and television, cementing its place in pop culture. From the classic image of a dog leaping to catch a Frisbee to college campuses where students flick discs across quads, the Frisbee’s cultural impact is undeniable.

Legacy And Modern Day Frisbees

The Frisbee, by Wham-O, has been a symbol of fun since its invention. This simple disc has soared from a college game to a worldwide pastime. It’s a legacy that continues to spin in backyards and beaches to this day.

Continued Popularity And Uses

The Frisbee’s appeal lies in its simplicity and versatility. It is a staple of outdoor activities, from casual throws to competitive sports. The list of uses is endless:

  • Recreational play at parks and beaches
  • Dog sports, where canines catch discs in mid-air
  • Disc golf, combining golf rules with Frisbee fun
  • Ultimate Frisbee, a fast-paced team sport

Advancements In Frisbee Technology

New materials and designs have taken the Frisbee to new heights. Check out these breakthroughs:

Advancement Impact
Aerodynamic Shapes Improved flight and precision
LED Lights Nighttime play capabilities
Biodegradable Materials Environment-friendly options
When was the Frisbee by Wham O Invented

Credit: www.history.com

Frequently Asked Questions On When Was The Frisbee By Wham O Invented

When Was The Game Frisbee Invented?

The game Frisbee was invented in 1948 by Walter Morrison and Warren Franscioni.

What Was Created On Jan 23 1957?

On January 23, 1957, the Wham-O toy company produced the first Frisbees, sparking a new craze in outdoor activities.

Who Invented Frisbee In 1968?

The Frisbee was not invented in 1968 but rather it was patented by Walter Morrison in 1957. The toy gained popularity in the 1960s after being produced by Wham-O.

When Was Wham-o Manufacturing Registered The Trademark Name Frisbee?

Wham-O Manufacturing registered the trademark name Frisbee on May 26, 1959. This iconic flying disc continues to be popular for recreation.


The iconic Wham-O Frisbee forever changed outdoor play with its inception in 1957. Its revolutionary design sparked a global craze that endures to this day. Remember, the next time you toss a Frisbee, you’re partaking in a slice of classic Americana, a timeless tradition born from simple yet ingenious innovation.

Keep the spirit flying!