4 facts that make Ultimate Frisbee Cleats Long-lasting


Several Ultimate Frisbee Cleats in the market come in with promising features. But no quality lasts longer if not taken care of properly. The wear and tear are frequent in the Ultimate games and the only way to keep the Cleats fit is maintenance. A habit of daily maintenance can expand their life up to several seasons.

Let’s say you are currently using a very cool edition of Cleats that suits you the best; you want them to last long and assist you to win the Ultimate games in the future. So, we have charted down the basic tips to take care of your Cleats. These would not only make your Cleats long-lasting but will keep up to its innate strength & flexibility. 


1. Use your cleats with purpose:

    Your hands, feet, and muscles need proper training, exercise, and nutrition for keeping fit; so do your cleats. They are meant to undergo a lot of rigorous movements and activities. They deserve the same safety concerns as well. One should keep the use of Cleats strictly for outdoor sports like the Ultimate Frisbee games. 

    Similarly, the purpose of wearing cleats must be taken into concern. Ultimate games come with really sophisticated tactics that involve precise pivoting points while catching and throwing. And that specialty is shouldered by the Cleat and stud patterns in the bottom. If used in non-prescribed places like a construction area, concrete ground, asphalt, or rough surfaces, the pivoting of the cleats would not be as perfect and precise as earlier.

Moreover, the way you may walk with your cleats on does have an impact on them. You must have noticed how crucial are the reinforced heels of your cleats. If you use them like flip-flops, the heels may not serve properly and the favors can turn in odds. So, be careful of where, how, and why to use your Ultimate Frisbee Cleats.

2. Clean & Dry off the Cleats:

     Ultimate frisbee cleats are prone to get a lot of dirt and mud because the use itself signs up for this. Although they withstand different types of turfs and surfaces in different weathers, they should not be kept unclean for long. Because the pores in the material collect dust particles and dirt can get stagnant. If remaining untreated, the material will not be as breathable and flexible as it used to be. After cleaning comes drying. You can dry the insole separately since it absorbs more water in the cleaning process. 


  • Remove the external dirt, mud, sticky soil from beneath the cleat using popsicle stick-like objects (not too hard or spiky)
  • Use a brush (for availability, a toothbrush can work as well) to brush off the dirt and dust held by the woven fabric and the material.
  • With a towel, wipe off mud and moisture from your cleats and make them dry
  • Dissolve a little amount of dishwasher or sorts in warm water and use that to scrub the exteriors of the cleats with a soft-bristled brush
  • Continuously wipe off the extra soapy water and dirt that comes off from the cleansing reaction


  • Use a wet towel or sponge that does not soak
  • Gently brush the dirt, mud, and dust clogged in the fabric
  • Do the cleaning after each weary practice or tournament
  • Gently press them with a soft water absorber after cleaning
  • Stuffing newsprint papers or sorts also helps to dry the interiors and maintain the shape while drying
  • It is preferable to dry the cleats in the sun; the natural way is the best
  • All this process is possible if you plan; make a routine and maintain regularity in cleaning and drying


  • Never keep uncleaned cleats in a bag or box for long
  • Avoid using extra water or soaking cleaners; extra water will weaken the material and allow microbes to grow – rendering less hygiene
  • Never put your Cleats in the washing machine
  • Avoid using softeners and solvents
  • Do not use a hairdryer, radiator, or other electric dryers; their use weakens the bond of the fabric and material of the cleats
  • Do not rush or hurry while drying, fast dryers can make the fabric wear off
  • Do not keep your cleats in the drying session for long (be it natural or any other way); it might result in cracking the material

3. Let the Cleats relax and get some fresh air:

    Like every other functional object, your favorite pair of cleats need to rest once in a while. You can spare them while having a break from the games, at intervals, and whenever they are not needed. Your cleats are going to like a mini-vacation and go for fresh year leisure.

So, remember to remove your cleats between two games. Do not let your cleats undergo horrible circumstances just because they would not give feedback. (Well, they sure do by showing less durability and performance, yet) clean your feet and alter your socks whenever you get the chance. Do not put them in a situation to withstand long-time perspiration, no airing, or congested containers/cupboards. Place them in a proper place after cleaning and drying. 

4. Application of extra materials:

  • Hygiene: Sprinkle disinfectants, talc powders, etc to keep the inside of your cleats hygiene. You can also .use the disinfectant for your feet and talc for the Cleats keeping bag or box. In this way, all that comes in touch with the cleats will remain protected.
  • Fragrance: Some cleansing products come in antibacterial and scented combinations. They are a 2 in 1 go for keeping your cleats fresh and the microbes away.

Polishing: If you have leather cleats, you have a way to polish and shine them up. Use a cloth and apply grease on the Cleats once in a while to take care of the leather material. The use of leather conditioners can also help in the process.


Q. Will the Cleats stretch with using?

Answer: The material of the cleats tends to stretch with constant use. But if you get a product with reinforced material or additional stitches, they prohibit the stretching and keep the cleats fitted for your feet for a long time.

Q. How do I know that the Cleats fit properly?

Answer: You’ll know the fittings once you try it on. As long as they don’t give you a second-skin feeling, they are as good as perfectly fitted. It also depends on the size ratio of your heel and toe, you might need a size higher or lower depending on what fits better.

Q. How can I shrink my cleats?

Answer: If you need to squeeze the shape, put them on and submerge them deep into a water container (or you can use extra weights without putting them on). Keep them submerged for at least 5 minutes and… Viola!


    Nothing wears off a product more than a wrong way of use, lack of attention, and negligence. We know how passionate you feel about the Ultimate games, and so, the related accessories cannot be neglected. The proper care and regular maintenance will prove to be worthwhile in the long run as they assist your tactics and mechanics in the game. So, follow the ways to take care of your Ultimate Frisbee Cleats because they are the part of the armor that defends your success.

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