How to play frisbee golf Strategies For Beginners

Before knowing about of how to play Frisbee golf, we need to touch its birth first. Frisbee golf is spreading its popularity worldwide. The ideas from a general golf sport, the best Frisbee disc or flying disc is going to be that type of entertainment for kids and busy people keeping the thought of mental refreshment in mind.

In California, the revolution of Frisbee disc golf introduced in 1960s due to have cheaper and easier game in that time. Since then, the reign of the newly invented game has been unleashing and, so, the different styles it’s taking in different regions as feelings in games. As to the sequence of traveling the game across the world, the retailers of sporting materials are keen to care of things needed for disc golf. The following details are methods and others for Frisbee golf.


Differences between traditional golf and Frisbee golf

There are some differences noticeable in two games. One takes a solid small ball and golf-stick and a vast area of place surrounded by the natural environment. On the other hand, that is a subject of matter is Frisbee golf. It is generally played with a plastic made thin and light weighted plate-like disc in throwing and fetching. One more thing is mentionable that the disc golf is not as popular as traditional golf. The traditional golf has an international acceptance to all. But for Frisbee golf, it is only for family or any other mini tournament that never calls for an international token to arrange. Therefore disc golf has no clubs but whereas the traditional golf is accredited internationally.

Rules and the regulations are for both when it happens a match between two counterparts. Traditional golf is throwing a solid ball targeting a hole where the disc golf doing the same with a plastic made Frisbee disc at a net. But one thing is common that players for both games dealing with ‘throwing’ things- golf ball and Frisbee disc.

Shot order is the same for both sports. According to the basic rules, the availability of driving shots, putter shots and mid-range shots is seen in both competitions. Penalties are a part of both golfing. The punishment is served if any golfer makes any wrong hit of wrong throw. Hitting or throwing rules are strictly obeyed in both entertainments.

Rules of Frisbee Golf

how to play frisbee golf

It is very necessary to learn disc golf rules for beginners. As it goes with the same features of throwing, hence, no doubt, the most part of rules for both sports is almost same from counting points to winning at the end. If you have a little sense of rule of traditional golf, the rest for Frisbee golf will be easy for you. Because the similarity between twos. Let’s learn of how to play Frisbee golf for beginners.

During playing disc golf, the turns on throwing is observed very carefully. Because the foul marking is seen if any throw goes wrongly. It is considered when marking points in game. So, this is important for players to notice their exact position in making a throw along their target net. Here, for a player, only one attempt to throw the disc. Hence, it feels an important issue for Frisbee experts.

How to throw disc golf? A throw starts from starting point called ‘tee-off’. And this is necessary for every game to have a starting point. So, it has for Frisbee golf. However, from this point, a player makes it a first throw before a tournament. So, the first ‘throw’ or ‘shot’ is called drive. So the disc is called driver accordingly. Here the ‘drive’ is in a common sense an important while it is a determination to collect the point if your throw reaches the hole accurately. A disc golf basket or disc golf hole is always a target for players. If your disc covers a long distance to reach a hole pr basket, then it needs more throwing as you may not able to reach your target at first attempt. On the other hand, if the hole distance is less then it easy to pinpoint the target at first attempt. So, you have to be careful to make your target up to your optimum success.

By flipping the disc, the order of the tee-off is determined in disc golf. There are two sides. And you will have that options. Then the player will choose their option with a side- heads or tails. Suppose you are keeping a big coin in your hands. The logo printed side is head of the disc where it located. And for the next holes, the order, however, is determined of the ‘tee-off’ by the earning scores of the previous holes. In this process, the players with lowest amount of scores on the last hole will take a preparation of throwing the first disc at that time of tee-off of the next hole point.

Buy your favorite Frisbee disc from a store

As you are determined to play Frisbee golf, hence, you have to buy some golf-oriented Frisbee discs for a smooth run in games. Or you will be feeling boring in games if not as to your satisfaction level in mind. The vivid colors of discs are the main diversity in games that will give a new feeling every after a session completed. Sturdy yet light weighted should be your turn that takes less force and steady motion for a gentle fly in the air.

Materials needed for Frisbee golf

Disc golf equipment, some Frisbee discs and accessories that will have completion in making golf court arrangement. You can need a basket or net that emulates a golf hole. For this done well, you have to calculate things first and move for collecting things as soon as possible. And for marking the area, marking powder can come in knowledge, and so search it for a betterment of your arrangement centering Frisbee golf. Some Frisbee discs, basket, markers and net are most important materials to start a Frisbee golf. More details of how to play Frisbee golf below.

Choosing discs for golf

In a mid-range or slow driver disc is very good for beginners. Drivers are called discs that have pointier edge to have an ability to cut through the air when a speed throw is made. Because, a simple throw is quite enough to get your disc balanced. But for others, this is not right to go steady. On the other hand, the mid range disc have thicker round edge. As a result it does not travel an optimum distance even after a full-fledged throw.

A good gripping of disc for a good throw:

Here, a golf hole is not as Patsome, String, Skins, Chapman and Flag tournaments. It may be a basket, a large size spot, or a particular are that can hold a throwing Frisbee disc. So, a preparation is required when to attempt to make throw. Just hold the rim of your Frisbee disc tightly as you are ripping it out from your hands. Now, your body balance is also a noticeable thing that matters your throw. When everything is got well, then to pinpoint your target before a final shot to the spot. A good gripping edge of disc helps throw and target well. the easiness of gripping means a good balance of throw the disc at the target. So, always a player should take care of light weighted and good gripping edge flying disc.

Good points in playing

Like a traditional golf where a lot of techniques to collect the points in term of beating the counterpart. Frisbee golf is not going otherwise while it is taking the same specifications during a competition with disc golf. Because the diversity of techniques enhances the gaming experience. So, there a lot of things must be in mind to have an improvement in game. The player should be bent to them to know about.

A foot placement is a crucial thing that a player is bound to obey. During a play, a player’s first look should be at his foot placement. With a stable foot placement , a maximum throwing success is expectable to all the players of this type. On the other hand, a bad and unstable footing system during a Frisbee golf is merely a show-off of the playing motion. It definitely hampers a throw and a lose is must in a heavy weight match of flying disc.

Accuracy and power are the most significant issues into throwing a disc to cover a long distance of hole. These are the factors included in every game of entertainment. A player’s primary target is to choose a fast throw and better placement for his disc. If your throw gets an accuracy and placement, then you think that you are in right track in throwing your disc for golf hole. And your power will help propelling your disc as long as it requires to reach your target. As a result, your disc will have a maximum possibility to be closer the hole your final target. Actually, accuracy and a power invested in a throw ultimately reduce the counts of throw required to cover the hole by your Frisbee disc.

For a betterment of game, while imposing so much power, it may sometimes hampers your accuracy. So, this critically noticeable, to balance both accuracy and power at the same time. Everything is abiding by the situation during a play session is going on to win over your contestant.

Punishment in Frisbee golf

For an imbalanced throwing, the disc may fall into water. But as a punishment, hazard counts against that player is must. And then the player will lose his disc and a single throw will be reduced as penalty. However, according to the rules of the game the players will then will another attempt to their discs at the location just before the water hazard marked. This is a serious problem for the disc golf players to get a hazard that cuts their points from the game. So, they carefully handle the things so that they are not unfortunate to meet that water hazard. This is why, the golf players should avoid the miss-throw that carries water hazard in the game. It has the possibility to lose the game.

Throwing in short games of disc golf is called putts. Just like a traditional clubbed golf game. The putt throw should be more controlled and made in shorter distance so that the disc can easily fall into the basket as well. on the green, generally the players are more careful to throw the putts. The disc golf players suffer more other penalties occasionally. In this situation player cannot step back their marking line when take an attempt to throw the disc. These are the basic rules and system of the disc golf.

Winner of disc golf

Every game has the final verdict after finishing a session of game. Though disc is always counting it individually. Among the players, every player has a record of points. The points, we already have discussed above. After playing for a several sessions, at last all the records come in a total for each. According to the earning points, it is considered the top most gainer of the points. Then the player who earns maximum points declared a winner of the game.

Training for a good game

Though it looks easy to play, but it needs training to win the game over the opponents. The regular practice and exercise can help enhance the playing experience. So, before going to face any heavy weigh tournament, all players should take a good training as well heavy practice play well.


The solution of how to play Frisbee golf has already given above. Actually, is very interesting when to throw the disc at the particular point to touch. You will feel good when the disc will be floating in the air. And in the competition, there is no doubt about the entertainment as well as the award for winning the game. The both sides are very interesting. So, learn to play from the article and go through an experience in practical.