What’s a portable disc golf basket?


Usually, for family get together, barbecues, and vacations you can consider this game to lighten up your mood Disc golf is a game where you need a portable disc golf basket.


What’s it used for?

As I mentioned earlier, it’s largely used specifically for disc golf games. It has a disc basket that entraps the disc. Additionally, the disc basket is commonly generated out of steel based chain. 

Types of Disc golf basket 

Usually, it’s only three types 

  • Basic Basket 
  • Standard level basket
  • Champion golf basket 

Basic information about creating a portable Disc Golf Basket 

Disc golf basket contains three core parts.  Firstly, the pole and primary basket. Secondly, the chain. Last but not the least, frame as well as a lower basket. Additionally, every part has several dimensions. 

According to PDGA Golf basket dimensions. 

Basic basket: 

  1. The part called the rim must have to be 21 inches wide
  2. Additionally, the Chain should be lower than 22 inches 
  3. At least 18 chains are a must for basket Standard golf basket

In the case of standard golf, basket dimensions are similar to the basic baskets. However, it has 18 plus additional chains attached to it. In its foundation, durable materials are being used level basket 

Usually, It’s a bit special. For example, it’s mainly used in top tournaments. The materials here are being used are high quality. However, its measurement and dimensions are similar to the basic one.

Now, if you want to create a portable disc golf basket by the rules of PDGA 

You need to follow those steps 

1. You will require chains

Usually, according to PDGA, you need a longer chain that should be at least 9 inches. Along with this for getting permission from PDGA you at least need to use 12 pcs.

But if you want to just make DIY, you can use as much chain as you want, you have free will here. Additionally, there are no special requirements about the size as well as thickness of that chain so you have free will here. Nonetheless, the quality of the chain I mean if the chain is good quality then it will help during the game and another would say vice versa depending on you. 

2. You will need to follow some height-related rules

According to PDGA,52 inches above the current ground where your basket should be located on. The other basket should be around 25 inches.

Here’s an interesting fact, the tournament director usually controls the game so he has free will to even make the game more difficult least you need width-related rules 

Some must rules for upper ring = 21 inches wide, lower basket  = 25 inches. Although,  you will see different sizes for width if you want to try DIY.

What if you want to create a mini disc golf basket how to do that?

Creating a mini disc golf basket 

This basket in particular is affordable. You can use the dorm or office. 

For the base needed to do those things 

  • 4 foot ½ ” PVC pipe 
  • end caps (4 pieces ½ PVCvc)
  • end plug ½ PVC”
  • set of the as well as a small screw 

Now for making a basket you need to follow the following steps

The diameter of the fan you are gonna use has to be 10.5 “.Diameter is also used on the real baskets as on discs. The fan is the really important part. 

Now, buy 8 inches long lightweight based chain.

Finally, buy some rubber bands.

Now connect the dots

  • Now first thing first, cut your 4-foot PVC into two parts.
  • Again take two parts of PVS cut each and  part into 3 pieces 
  • Now wrap duct tape over all of thPVCvc the to make it look elegant 
  • Now take all the instruments and connect them  together 

The last part discs …

As you can find disc local stores as well as on online shops.  You can also use Lysol cans. As Lysol cans are similar to mini discs and fly fast.

To conclude, Although it takes time, patience, and a  bit of hard work to make your desired portable disc golf set it’s worth it if you really talk about it for long-term goals.

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