What Year was the Frisbee Invented


The Frisbee was invented in 1957. This invention transformed outdoor activities and became an iconic symbol of fun and recreation.


The Frisbee’s journey began in the 1930s and 1940s with people tossing pie tins from the Frisbie Pie Company for entertainment. Fast forward to the late 1950s, Walter Morrison refined the design and sold the rights to toy company Wham-O, which officially launched the plastic flying disc named “Frisbee.


” This marked the start of a new era for the toy industry, igniting its popularity across parks and beaches worldwide. The simplicity and versatility of the Frisbee have since made it a staple in casual play and organized sports, including Ultimate Frisbee, which emphasizes teamwork, integrity, and the spirit of the game.

What Year was the Frisbee Invented


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The Birth Of A Classic Toy

The year 1957 marked the birth of a toy that would soar into the hearts of millions. The Frisbee, as it’s widely known today, was not just a stroke of genius but a culmination of evolved design and entertainment.

Early Disc-throwing Games

Long before plastic discs, people enjoyed tossing pie tins and other objects to each other. This pastime was simple, yet it sparked joy and a display of skill. It’s not just a modern phenomenon; disc-throwing games date back to ancient cultures. These games were often part of festivities and social gatherings, demonstrating that the thrill of the flight has always captivated humans.

Cake Tins To Plastic Discs

The transition from improvised flying objects to an official toy was remarkable. It began when Fred Morrison decided to model a plastic disc after the cake tins people threw. Morrison’s design was innovative and led to the production of the first plastic flying disc by toy company Wham-O. The new, improved design meant it was easier and safer to catch, thus revolutionizing outdoor play.

With these advancements, the Frisbee quickly became a staple in parks, beaches, and backyards around the world. Its impact on pop culture and leisure has been impressive. Kids and adults alike revel in the simple pleasure of watching a Frisbee glide through the air, and with each flight, the legacy of this classic toy continues to soar.

What Year was the Frisbee Invented


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Fred Morrison And His Flying Disc

The tale of the Frisbee begins with a visionary named Fred Morrison. It was his invention that gave rise to a global phenomenon of flying discs. This simple act of throwing a plastic disc has become a staple in outdoor fun. But have you ever wondered when and how the Frisbee came to be? Let’s uncover the history of Fred Morrison’s creation.

Morrison’s Saucer Invention

The year was 1948 when Fred Morrison dreamt up the idea of a flying saucer toy. Inspired by the allure of UFOs and a passion for invention, he designed a plastic disc. It didn’t just attract kids but also adults who found joy in sending the disc soaring. His initial designs mirrored flying saucers, capturing the curiosity and imagination of the era.

  • First called the “Flyin-Saucer”
  • Launched amid the UFO fascination of the 1950s
  • Simple plastic design for high flying fun

Partnership With Wham-o

In 1957, Morrison’s partnership with the toy company Wham-O brought about the first mass-produced disc. Known affectionately as the “Pluto Platter,” this invention marked the birth of the modern Frisbee. Wham-O recognized the potential of this playful disc and brought it to the masses. It quickly spun its way into the hearts of families across America.

Year Event
1948 Fred Morrison invents the flying disc
1957 Partnership with Wham-O
1957 Release of the “Pluto Platter”

Today, the Frisbee has become more than just a toy. It’s a staple at beaches, parks, and backyards. From leisurely tosses to competitive sports like Ultimate Frisbee, Fred Morrison’s invention has truly soared beyond his wildest dreams.



The Name ‘frisbee’ Takes Flight

A simple pie tin inspired one of America’s most beloved outdoor toys, the Frisbee. People of all ages toss flying discs at parks, beaches, and Frisbee sports worldwide. Let’s soar into the story behind the Frisbee’s iconic name.

Frisbie Pie Company Origins

In the late 19th century, the Frisbie Pie Company started in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Students from nearby universities would toss the company’s empty pie tins to each other, yelling “Frisbie!” to avoid collisions.

From ‘frisbie’ To ‘frisbee’

Wham-O, a toy company, noticed this growing trend. They took the idea and produced a plastic version of the flying disc in 1957.

They tweaked the name from ‘Frisbie’ to ‘Frisbee’, and a new recreational icon was born.

Cultural Impact And Evolution

The Frisbee, a cultural phenomenon and staple of outdoor activities, was invented in 1957. But beyond its origins as a playful disc, the impact and evolution of the Frisbee have been profound. It reshaped leisure sports and wove itself into the fabric of pop culture, influencing generations of enthusiasts and athletes.

Rise Of Disc Sports

From casual backyard throws to competitive sports leagues, the Frisbee’s versatility is unmatched. It sparked a whole new category of games:

  • Ultimate Frisbee, invented in 1968, combines the non-stop movement of soccer with the aerial passing skills of football.
  • Disc Golf, with courses spanning the globe, challenges players to complete each hole in the fewest number of throws.
  • Frisbee Freestyle, where teams perform choreographed routines set to music with a mix of throws, catches, and artistic maneuvers.

These sports continue to grow, boasting devoted communities and international competitions.

Frisbee In Popular Culture

The Frisbee has soared beyond sport, becoming a symbol of fun and freedom. Memorable appearances include:

  1. Film and television, where it often signifies leisure or serves as a plot device.
  2. Music festivals and concerts, where attendees share in the joy of tossing a disc.
  3. Marketing campaigns, with branded Frisbees often used as promotional items.

Its simplicity and joy have cemented the Frisbee’s status as an icon of play, connecting people across ages and cultures.

Significant Milestones And Trivia

The Frisbee, a staple of outdoor fun, boasts a rich history with intriguing milestones. This section shines light on its noteworthy events.

First ever Frisbee prototype

First Ever Frisbee Prototype

The Frisbee story began in the early 20th century. Students at Yale University would fling empty pie tins from the Frisbie Pie Company for fun. Walter Morrison capitalized on this concept after World War II, producing the first plastic version—a significant leap from the metal pie plates.

In 1948, Morrison and his partner Warren Franscioni created the Flyin-Saucer. They later improved the design and Morrison released the famous “Pluto Platter” in 1955.

Year Frisbee was trademarked

Year Frisbee Was Trademarked

Toy company Wham-O bought Morrison’s design and coined the term Frisbee in 1957, trademarking it in 1958. This name change was a nod to the pie tins once tossed across Yale’s campus.

The trademark secured the Frisbee’s place in history, transforming it from simple plastic discs to a pop culture icon.

Additional trivia table
Quick Frisbee Trivia
Year Milestone
1964 First professional model Frisbee released
1967 Introduction of the Frisbee to the sport of Ultimate
1974 World Frisbee Championship established
1983 Frisbee becomes a registered trademark of Wham-O
What Year was the Frisbee Invented


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Frequently Asked Questions For What Year Was The Frisbee Invented


When Was The Frisbee Invented And By Who?


The Frisbee was invented in 1948 by Walter Morrison.


Who Discovered Frisbee 1968?


The Frisbee was not “discovered” in 1968; it was invented earlier by Walter Morrison. Ultimate Frisbee was indeed created in 1968 by a student named Joel Silver.


When Was Ultimate Frisbee Invented?


Ultimate Frisbee was invented in 1968.


What Object Was Thrown Before The Frisbee Was Invented?


Before the Frisbee was invented, people threw pie tins, particularly from the Frisbie Pie Company. These were the forerunners of the plastic discs we now know as Frisbees.




The Frisbee’s 1957 invention brought us timeless joy. It evolved from simple cake tin tosses to a cultural icon. This simple disc has united people in parks and beaches worldwide. Embrace its playful spirit and let the fun soar with every throw! Remember, every Frisbee flight started with a humble spin in the ’50s.


Keep the legacy alive; go out and play!

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