What is the Farthest Frisbee Throw


The farthest Frisbee throw is 1,333 feet (406.3 meters). David Wiggins Jr. Set this record in 2016.


Discussing the pinnacle of Frisbee throwing conjures images of skill, power, and precision. The remarkable feat set by David Wiggins Jr. Not only reflects personal mastery but also the evolution of the sport itself. Frisbee enthusiasts and professional athletes alike strive for such remarkable distances, combining aerodynamic design with throwing techniques perfected over years of practice.


Achieving a world record throw, like Wiggins Jr. ’s, requires a deep understanding of the Frisbee’s flight patterns and the optimization of release angles and spin. This record inspires both the casual player and the competitive spirit within the flying disc community, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field of disc sports. With the flying disc’s popularity soaring, this impressive distance is a testament to the sport’s growing appeal and technical advancements.



Record-breaking Frisbee Throws

The quest to launch a frisbee beyond the ordinary bounds captivates many. Achieving a record-breaking frisbee throw combines skill, power, and precision. This impressive feat showcases the pinnacle of aerodynamic mastery and athletic prowess. Let’s soar through the record books and discover the farthest frisbee throws ever recorded.

Capturing The Record

The farthest frisbee throw record isn’t just about strength. It’s about creating the perfect spin, angle, and launch. Various factors influence the distance a frisbee can travel. These include wind conditions, disc design, and the thrower’s technique.

To set a world record, contenders perform under specific guidelines. There are officials to measure and verify the results. The competition to outdo the current record is always fierce, pitting the world’s best against the unforgiving laws of physics.

Notable Record Holders

Over the years, many athletes have left their mark on this sport. Let’s highlight some of the top contenders.

  • David Wiggins Jr.: He set the record in 2016 with an astonishing throw. His frisbee traveled over 1,100 feet.
  • Christian Sandström: Before Wiggins, Sandström held the title. His disc sailed to 820 feet in 2002.
  • Anita Wiseman: She’s not just a record holder, but also an inspiration. Anita holds the record for the farthest throw by a woman.

Each of these athletes has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with a frisbee.

Name Year Distance
David Wiggins Jr. 2016 1,100+ feet
Christian Sandström 2002 820 feet
Anita Wiseman N/A Record for women

The Physics Behind The Throw

Have you ever watched a frisbee soar through the sky and wondered how it could travel so far? Achieving the farthest frisbee throw involves more than just strength; it’s about mastering the science behind the throw. Breaking down this amazing feat unearths fascinating insights into how physics empowers athletes to set new records.

Aerodynamics of a Frisbee

Aerodynamics Of A Frisbee

To understand how a frisbee can be thrown the farthest, we need to gaze at the invisible forces at play. Here are the key elements:

  • Lift: Generated by the frisbee’s shape, allowing it to rise and stay aloft.
  • Drag: The resistance a frisbee faces as it cuts through the air.
  • Angle of Attack: The tilt of the frisbee affects lift and distance.
  • Stability: The spin, or rotational inertia, keeps the frisbee’s flight smooth.

When these factors align perfectly, a frisbee slices through the air with maximum efficiency and travels incredible distances.

The role of technique

The Role Of Technique

A thrower’s technique is a critical component in pursuing records. Key aspects include:

  1. Grip: A firm grip ensures control over the frisbee’s flight.
  2. Stance and Footwork: Proper body alignment provides a strong foundation.
  3. Arm Motion: A smooth, consistent throw maximizes speed and distance.
  4. Release: The timing of letting go determines the trajectory and stability.

Mastery of these techniques can mean the difference between a record-setting throw and an average toss.

Materials And Design

The farthest frisbee throw is a feat of athletic skill merged with the wonders of engineering. Central to this achievement are the materials and design aspects that make such incredible distances possible. How far a frisbee can fly rests on its aerodynamics, rigidity, and weight distribution. Similarly, the factors such as wind condition and thrower’s technique play crucial roles. Let’s dissect the elements that allow frisbees to soar extreme distances.

Evolution Of Frisbee Design

The design of frisbees has transformed over the years to enhance flight performance. Innovations have focused on optimizing the shape and materials. Here’s how the design has evolved:

  • Diameter and Edge: Alterations to the diameter and edge design improve lift and stability.
  • Plastic Types: Variations in plastics affect flexibility and durability.
  • Weight: Balancing the weight ensures maximum glide distance without sacrificing control.

Aerobie Vs. Traditional Frisbees

The debate between Aerobie and traditional frisbees is all about one thing: distance. Standard frisbees have inspired generations of players, yet in the quest to achieve the farthest throw, Aerobies have set new standards.

Aerobie Traditional Frisbee
Ring-shaped for reduced air resistance Disc-shaped with a pronounced lip
Lightweight and can travel over 1,000 feet Heavier with a shorter flight distance
Designed for straight, long-distance flights Offers precision and control for games like Ultimate
What is the Farthest Frisbee Throw


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In The Record Setter’s Shoes

Imagine stepping onto an expansive field, the air buzzing with anticipation. Your fingers grip the edge of a frisbee, the tool you’ve mastered through relentless dedication. This disc represents more than a mere game; it’s a symbol of record-breaking ambition. You’re about to embark on a feat that few can dream of: attempting the farthest frisbee throw ever recorded. What does it take to etch your name in the annals of history? Let’s step into the shoes of those daring souls who set the staggering records of frisbee prowess.

Training for distance

Training For Distance

Champion throwers don’t just happen overnight. They follow rigorous training regimens to harness the perfect blend of technique, power, and control. Behind each throw lies hours of practice, working on mechanics such as the x-step and the power grip. Mastering these techniques doesn’t just boost distance; it also sharpens precision.

  • Fitness Training: Core exercises and cardiovascular workouts build the necessary stamina and strength.
  • Technique Practice: Repeated drills focusing on grip, release, and spin ensure a stable flight path.
  • Mental Preparation: Visualization and focus drills help maintain composure under pressure.
Challenges faced by throwers

Challenges Faced By Throwers

Record-seeking frisbee throwers battle against more than just human limitations. They face unpredictable weather conditions like wind and air density, which can turn a record-attempt into a struggle against nature. Even the choice of disc is a tactical decision, requiring deep knowledge of aerodynamics and materials.

Challenge Description Impact on Throw
Wind Conditions Varying wind speeds and directions. Can greatly enhance or hinder a throw’s distance.
Air Density Denser air at lower temperatures or higher altitudes. Influences the disc’s lift and drag forces.
Frisbee Design Weight, size, and shape of the frisbee. Dictates flight characteristics and distance potential.


Frisbee Throwing Competitions

Welcome to the world of Frisbee throwing competitions, where skilled players from around the globe gather to set remarkable records and showcase their throwing prowess. Engaging with the wind, adjusting their stance, and releasing with precision, these athletes reach astonishing distances with a simple disc. In this section, we delve into the records that push the boundaries of what’s possible and the events that highlight the best in the sport.

Guinness World Records And Frisbee

The Guinness World Records recognizes the incredible talent of Frisbee players. These record-setters combine strength, technique, and finesse to send their discs soaring beyond imagination.

  • Longest Throw: The title for the farthest Frisbee throw belongs to a throw that covered an awe-inspiring distance.
  • Greatest Height: Records are not just for distance, but also for reaching remarkable heights.
  • Endurance: Players set records for the most consecutive Frisbee catches, showcasing their stamina.

Famous Frisbee Competitions

Beyond records, competitions offer thrilling experiences for both athletes and spectators.

Event Location Highlights
World Ultimate Championships Global Teams battle for the title of world champion.
USA Ultimate Frisbee National Championships United States Top U.S. teams compete at the highest level.
European Ultimate Championships Europe European teams show their skills in a continental showdown.

Frisbee competitions unite players and fans worldwide, celebrating the sport’s spirit and the community it creates.

What is the Farthest Frisbee Throw


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What is the Farthest Frisbee Throw


Credit: newatlas.com


Frequently Asked Questions For What Is The Farthest Frisbee Throw


What Is The Furthest A Frisbee Has Been Thrown?


The furthest a Frisbee has been thrown is 1,333 feet (406. 3 meters).


What’s The Farthest Object Ever Thrown?


The farthest object ever thrown by a human is a space probe.


What Is The Frisbee Guinness Record?


The Frisbee Guinness record for the farthest throw is 74. 08 meters (243 feet).


How Far Can You Throw An Aerobie?


An Aerobie can be thrown over 1,000 feet, with the official record being 1,333 feet (406 meters).




Pushing the boundaries of physics and athleticism, the record for the farthest frisbee throw is a testament to skillful precision and strength. This feat inspires both casual players and professional athletes to reach new heights. Remember, practice and dedication could set the next record.


Aim high, and maybe you’ll make frisbee history!