What Frisbee Does Brodie Smith Use


Brodie Smith uses Discraft Ultra-Star 175-gram Ultimate Frisbee discs. The model is a popular choice among Ultimate players.

Brodie Smith is a renowned figure in the Ultimate Frisbee community, known for his impressive skills and trick shots. As a master of the flying disc, Smith’s choice of Frisbee significantly influences fans and players in the sport. His promotional videos and tutorials showcase the Discraft Ultra-Star’s capabilities, from precision throws to long-distance flights.

The disc’s 175-gram weight offers a stable flight pattern, making it the standard for competition play. These characteristics make it an appealing option for not only seasoned players but also novices looking to improve their game. Brodie Smith’s use of the Discraft Ultra-Star has thus solidified its status as a top choice for Ultimate Frisbee enthusiasts around the world.


Meet Brodie Smith

Welcome to the world of ultimate frisbee through the eyes of a legend, Brodie Smith. This frisbee phenom has transformed a simple pastime into an art form. With thrilling throws and impossible catches, Brodie’s skill and charisma have catapulted him to stardom. Fans across the globe admire his dedication and technique. Are you ready to dive into his achievements and the very disc that he spins into magic?

Rise To Fame

From subtle beginnings, Brodie Smith’s journey has been nothing short of spectacular. It began in college where he honed his skills. Brodie’s passion for tossing the frisbee fostered a vibrant career. His unique ability to blend athleticism with precision earned him massive attention. The ultimate frisbee community quickly recognized his talent. Viral videos showcasing his trick shots catapulted him into the spotlight. Fans everywhere wanted to know: what disc does Brodie use to perform these feats?

Frisbee Career Highlights

  • Multiple National Championships
  • World Champion Title Holder
  • Renowned Trick Shot Virtuoso

Brodie’s highlights are a testament to his skill. His shelf boasts multiple national championship titles, shining as a beacon of his competitive nature. The world champion title is a crown jewel in his career, symbolizing his mastery of the sport. Above all, Brodie’s trick shots have gathered millions of views. They display unparalleled creativity and control with a frisbee, making him an inspiration for many aspiring players. Undoubtedly, the disc Brodie uses is key to his successful career.

Brodie Smith’s choice in the frisbee is critical to his performance and success. The exact model of his go-to frisbee is a hot topic among enthusiasts. Insights into his preferences and the technology behind the disc enhance our understanding of the sport. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the tools of the trade that make Brodie Smith a frisbee legend.

Essentials Of Frisbee Selection

Choosing the right Frisbee can make or break your game. Pro athletes like Brodie Smith know this all too well. Let’s delve into what makes a Frisbee fit for champions.

Material And Quality

The material of a Frisbee is critical to its performance. Most professionals prefer a blend of plastic that offers both flexibility and durability. A good Frisbee should feel sturdy in your hands yet flexible enough to maintain its shape after bending. Durability means it can survive impacts and rough play without cracking or chipping. Brodie Smith often goes for top-tier plastic that stands the test of time and maintains consistent flight patterns.

Size And Weight Specifications

The size and weight of a Frisbee impact its flight significantly. Regulation discs often have standardized dimensions to ensure fair play. The ideal weight helps maintain a smooth glide and keeps the disc stable in strong winds. Brodie Smith chooses discs that meet the official Ultimate Frisbee weight range, which typically is around 175 grams. Similarly, a standard competition Frisbee has a diameter of approximately 10.75 inches (27.3 cm).

Feature Specification
Material High-quality, durable plastic
Weight ~175 grams
Size ~10.75 inches diameter
  • Durability is a must for pro-level play.
  • Standardized weights and sizes ensure fair competition.
  • Brodie Smith’s Frisbee choices reflect his expertise and the game’s demands.

Brodie’s Frisbee Preferences

When it comes to the game of ultimate frisbee, few names are as recognized as Brodie Smith’s. Fans across the world admire his impressive throws and trick shots. They often ask, “What Frisbee does Brodie Smith use to perform those spectacular plays?” Let’s dive into Brodie’s personal preferences and equipment that help make his game top-notch.

Brand Loyalty

Brodie Smith shows strong loyalty to the brand Discraft. This widely respected company manufactures high-quality discs. They are known for their durability and consistent performance. Smith trusts Discraft to deliver the excellence needed for his professional plays. It is also the choice for many aspiring players who look up to him.

Signature Series Discs

Brodie Smith’s stash includes an exclusive series, aptly named “Brodie Smith Signature Series.” These products are a testament to Smith’s expertise and style. They showcase customized designs and tweaks that match his preferences. Fans can purchase these and feel a closer connection to Smith’s playing technique.

Ultimately, the combination of Smith’s skills and his choice of Discraft’s quality define his performance in the field. His preference for brand and signature series discs makes clear what an elite player seeks in their equipment. For any Frisbee enthusiast aiming to up their game, taking cues from Brodie’s selection is a valuable tip.

What Frisbee Does Brodie Smith Use

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Impact Of Disc Choice On Performance

Mastering the game of Frisbee involves skill, practice, and the right equipment. A significant factor in a player’s performance is the disc they choose to use. Brodie Smith, a renowned ultimate Frisbee player, knows this well. His disc selection impacts his game profoundly. Let’s dive into how the choice of disc can affect performance on the field.

Aerodynamics And Flight Path

Frisbee design directly influences its flight. Different models have unique aerodynamic features. Weight distribution and disc shape affect stability and speed. Brodie Smith’s disc has to cater to his playing style. It should carry smoothly through the air and respond to his force and angle of throw.

  • Beveled edges allow for smoother flights.
  • Weight impacts wind resistance and travel distance.
  • Size and shape affect lift and drag forces.

Grip And Release Techniques

The right disc complements a player’s grip and release moves. Consistent throws come from seamless interaction between hand and disc. Brodie Smith’s disc must offer excellent grip for his spinning and passing techniques.

  1. Disc texture ensures a firm hold.
  2. Rim depth accommodates different hand sizes.
  3. Flexibility allows for varied release styles.

From Amateur To Pro: Tips For Choosing Your Frisbee

From Amateur to Pro: Tips for Choosing Your Frisbee

Frisbee choice can make or break your game. Taking cues from pros like Brodie Smith, selecting the right frisbee is crucial. Whether chasing ultimate glory or mastering tricky throws, the path from amateur to pro demands the perfect frisbee.

Understanding Your Playing Style

Understanding Your Playing Style

Identify your playing style first. Are you a power thrower or a precision player? Different styles require different frisbees. A heavier disc suits those with a cannon arm. Those focusing on accuracy might opt for a lighter, more agile disc. Consider these aspects:

  • Weight: Heavier for distance, lighter for control.
  • Size: Larger for catching, smaller for speed.
  • Edge Shape: Sharp for cutting air, blunt for grip.
The Importance of Practice and Comfort

The Importance Of Practice And Comfort

Consistent practice is key. It builds muscle memory and comfort with your frisbee. Start with a variety to find what feels right. Here’s how to practice effectively:

  1. Start with basic throws; work up to advanced techniques.
  2. Use the same frisbee during practice to build familiarity.
  3. Comfort leads to confidence, so choose a disc that feels good in your hand.

Remember, having the same disc as a pro like Brodie Smith doesn’t guarantee success. Your skills and practice determine your growth. Choose your frisbee wisely, and pave your way from amateur to pro.

What Frisbee Does Brodie Smith Use

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Beyond The Disc: Brodie’s Influence On The Sport

Beyond the Disc: Brodie’s Influence on the Sport delves into the impact Brodie Smith has had well beyond his throws. Known for his incredible skill with a Frisbee, Brodie transcends the physical sport. His dynamic presence reshapes how the game is played, promoted, and learned.

Promotional Work And Sponsorships

Brodie Smith’s name resonates with promotional savvy and strong sponsor links. His brand partnerships amplify the reach of ultimate Frisbee. Through innovative campaigns, he brings the sport into new markets and demographics. Here’s how Brodie’s collaborations stir waves:

  • Signature Series Disc: His own line launches Frisbee into mainstream retail.
  • Brand Endorsements: Top sports brands align with Brodie, elevating the Frisbee’s image.
  • Event Appearances: His presence at events draws crowds and sparks interest.

Teaching And Online Tutorials

Brodie Smith takes his expertise online, making advanced skills accessible to all. His tutorials break down complex maneuvers for beginners and seasoned players alike. Look at what his educational content involves:

  • Free YouTube Videos: Brodie teaches Frisbee tactics to thousands online.
  • Interactive Workshops: Live sessions offer personalized feedback and advice.
  • Digital Coaching: Through apps and platforms, Brodie supports aspiring players.
What Frisbee Does Brodie Smith Use

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Frequently Asked Questions For What Frisbee Does Brodie Smith Use

What Is Ultimate Frisbee Golf?

Ultimate Frisbee Golf, often known as Disc Golf, is a flying disc sport combining frisbee tossing and golf principles, where players aim to hit a target using the fewest throws possible.

Is Brodie Smith Sponsored By Discraft?

Yes, Brodie Smith is sponsored by Discraft, a leading manufacturer of disc sports products.

Is Brodie Smith A Pro Golfer?

Brodie Smith is not a professional golfer. He is known for his professional disc golf and Ultimate Frisbee career, and for creating popular YouTube videos.

Is Brodie Smith A Pro?

Yes, Brodie Smith is a professional disc golfer and former ultimate frisbee player, known for his skilled frisbee throws and trick shots.


As we wrap up, remember that Brodie Smith’s choice of Frisbee is a nod to quality and performance. By emulating his gear, enthusiasts can aim for similar finesse in their game. Embrace his preferred models and let your disc golf or ultimate Frisbee skills soar.

Keep throwing, keep improving, and maybe one day, you’ll match Brodie’s impressive feats.