How was the Frisbee Invented by Mistake

The Frisbee was invented by mistake when students began tossing pie tins for fun. These tins were from the Frisbie Pie Company, giving the toy its name.


The surprising origins of the Frisbee date back to the late 19th century, with the simple act of throwing pie tins transformed into an enduring pastime. It wasn’t long before this playful activity caught the attention of entrepreneurs like Walter Frederick Morrison.


He capitalized on the concept, developing a plastic version that took to the skies with more precision and grace than its makeshift metal predecessor. His partnership with the Wham-O toy company in the late 1950s propelled the Frisbee into a cultural phenomenon. Families and friends have since embraced this unintentional invention, tossing the aerodynamic disc at parks, beaches, and backyards worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on leisurely sport and competitive games like Ultimate Frisbee.



The Surprising Origins

Many of the world’s favorite pastimes have fascinating beginnings, and the Frisbee is no exception. It soared into existence not through meticulous design but as a playful quirk of fate. These unplanned origins gave flight to an iconic outdoor game loved across the globe.

Pie Plates and Playful Tosses Section

Pie Plates And Playful Tosses

It’s hard to believe that the sleek, aerodynamic Frisbee began its journey as a humble pie plate. In the 1930s, students from Yale University discovered that flinging empty pie plates from the Frisbie Pie Company was a delightful way to pass the time. This innocent act of catch and throw would spin into something much bigger than they could have imagined. Rumor has it, the flying pies caught everyone’s attention with the common refrain, “Frisbie!” being shouted to avoid any unexpected pie plate to the face.

Fred Morrison’s Happy Accident Section

Fred Morrison’s Happy Accident

Enter Fred Morrison, whose inadvertent twist of destiny would eventually solidify the Frisbee’s place in toy history. While throwing a popcorn tin lid back and forth with his future wife on a California beach in 1937, Morrison envisioned a flying contraption. He spent years refining his design, ultimately crafting the first plastic disc, branded the “Flying Saucer,” to mimic the popular UFO craze. His creation caught the eye of the Wham-O toy company, which transformed Morrison’s design into the Frisbee we know today. What began as a simple, spontaneous game is now an internationally loved sport and leisure activity.

How was the Frisbee Invented by Mistake




From Baking To Flying

Imagine a world where discs fly in the sky, but it all started in a bakery. The Frisbee, a symbol of fun and leisure, came to existence purely by chance. A simple act of tossing a pie tin set the stage for an iconic outdoor sport. This transformation from a baking tool to a flying disc captures the serendipity in invention.

The Frisbie Pie Company Connection

It all began with the Frisbie Pie Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Students from nearby colleges would buy the pies and discovered a use for the empty tins. Throwing them to each other, yelling “Frisbie!” to avoid collisions, the name eventually stuck. The pie plates became the first Frisbees, a playful pastime that spread through word of mouth.

The Jump To Plastic Discs

The transformation from tin to a toy took a leap with Walter Morrison. In 1948, he designed a plastic version, the “Flying Saucer”, improving the flight. The toy company Wham-O saw the potential and bought Morrison’s design. They later coined the term Frisbee, spinning a small error into a global phenomenon.

Year Event
1871 Frisbie Pie Company founded.
1940s College students toss pie tins.
1948 Morrison designs “Flying Saucer”.
1957 Wham-O renames it “Frisbee”.
  • Pie plates flew first
  • Students’ game turned global
  • Plastic discs replaced tin
  1. Bake a pie in Frisbie Pie Company tins.
  2. Finish the pie, find friends.
  3. Toss the tin, shout “Frisbie!”
  4. Experience the birth of Frisbee!

Wham-o Transforms A Pastime

Before it soared into the hearts of people worldwide, the Frisbee began as a simple kitchen item. The journey from pie plate to plaything is a remarkable tale of a casual pastime becoming a global phenomenon, all thanks to the vision of a toy company named Wham-O.

Acquiring The Flying Saucer

In the late 1940s, people tossed pie tins from the Frisbie Pie Company for fun. Spotting this trend, enterpreneur Walter Morrison designed a more aerodynamic plastic version, the Flyin-Saucer. Wham-O, a toy company founded by Richard Knerr and Arthur “Spud” Melin, saw potential. They bought the rights to Morrison’s design in 1957, setting the stage for a cultural icon.

Coining The ‘frisbee’ Name

Wham-O wanted a catchy name for their new toy. They discovered that students called the flying discs “Frisbies”, after the pie company. Wham-O played with the spelling and trademarked “Frisbee”. This simple name change transformed the disc into a household name that continues to spark joy in fields and backyards around the world.

How was the Frisbee Invented by Mistake




Cultural Impact And Expansion

The accidental creation of the Frisbee did more than just give us a flying disc to toss around. It sparked a cultural phenomenon that expanded into various sports and became a staple in popular culture. With its wide reach and appeal, the Frisbee has influenced activities and entertainment worldwide.

Disc Sports Emerge

The rise of disc sports took the world by storm, stemming from the simple joy of throwing a Frisbee. Sports like Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Golf emerged, gaining popularity across the globe. These games promote teamwork and offer a fun way to stay active.

  • Ultimate Frisbee: A team sport that combines elements of soccer, football, and basketball, but with a Frisbee.
  • Disc Golf: Played much like traditional golf, but players throw a disc into a basket instead of hitting a ball.
  • Freestyle: Players perform tricks and routines with a Frisbee, showcasing their creativity and skill.

Frisbee In Popular Culture

Frisbees have flown into movies, music, and TV shows, making regular appearances as a symbol of fun and leisure. From beach scenes to backyard barbecues, Frisbees represent good times and easy living.

Media Type Examples
Movies Jaws, Tron, Easy Rider
TV Shows Friends, The Simpsons
Music Videos Beach Boys – California Dreaming


Legacy Of An Accidental Invention

The Frisbee, a symbol of fun and leisure, owes its existence to a serendipitous discovery. Born from a simple act of tossing a pie tin, this flying disc became a cultural phenomenon. It turned picnics and beach outings into arenas for graceful flights and friendly competition.

Fred Morrison, the man behind the Frisbee, had an unconventional request for his final rest. Known for his playful spirit, he wished to become part of his iconic invention. His family honored this by having his ashes molded into Frisbees. In this unique way, Fred’s essence continues to soar.

Today, the Frisbee is more than just a toy. It is a staple in various sports and has inspired activities worldwide. From casual beach games to competitive sports like Ultimate Frisbee, its impact is undeniable. Its creation, though accidental, changed outdoor play forever.

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  • Became a pop culture icon
  • Integral to sports like Ultimate and Disc Golf
  • Brings people together for active fun
How was the Frisbee Invented by Mistake




Frequently Asked Questions Of How Was The Frisbee Invented By Mistake


How Did The Frisbee Get Invented?


The Frisbee was invented by tossing pie tins and developing them into flying discs.


How Was The Inventor Of The Frisbee Turned Into A Frisbee?


Walter Morrison, the inventor of the Frisbee, had his ashes turned into a Frisbee after he died. His family molded his cremated remains into a flying disc.


Was Frisbee Originally A Weapon?


No, Frisbees were not originally weapons; they evolved from pie tins thrown by college students for fun.


What Object Was Thrown Before The Frisbee Was Invented?


Before the Frisbee was invented, people threw pie tins for entertainment.




As we’ve discovered, the Frisbee’s story is a twist of fate that led to a global pastime. From a simple pie tin toss to a cultural icon, the journey of the Frisbee reminds us that fun and games often have serendipitous origins.


This delightful invention continues to spin joy across parks and beaches, proving that the best creations can come from the most unexpected moments. Keep those discs flying!