How to Tomahawk a Frisbee

To tomahawk a Frisbee, grip the disc with your thumb under the flight plate and fingers wrapped around the rim. Launch it overhand, allowing the Frisbee to spin vertically.


Mastering the tomahawk throw in disc golf can add versatility to your game, allowing you to navigate obstacles and change flight patterns effectively. This overhand technique is similar to throwing a baseball but with a unique spin that causes the Frisbee to cut through the air differently.


Learning the tomahawk throw gives you strategic options, especially when faced with tight windows or the need to go over tall objects. With proper form and practice, this throw can be a game-changer on the course, offering a distinct flight path and landing angle compared to traditional backhand or forehand throws.

How to Tomahawk a Frisbee





Gripping The Frisbee For Tomahawk Throws

Mastering the tomahawk throw in frisbee can dazzle onlookers and defeat opponents. This skill, resembling the motion of throwing a hatchet, starts with the grip. A solid grip affects accuracy and distance. Learn the right way to hold your frisbee for the perfect tomahawk throw!

Proper Finger Placement

For the tomahawk throw, finger placement is crucial. Here’s how to position your fingers properly:

  • Your thumb rests on top of the disc
  • The index and middle fingers go underneath the disc
  • Position your middle finger along the inner rim for support
  • The remaining fingers tuck in or rest along the outer rim

Pressure Points And Grip Firmness

Understanding pressure and firmness is key. A firm grip allows for a controlled release. Use these pointers:

  1. Apply equal pressure with thumb and fingers
  2. Ensure the grip is tight, but not tense
  3. Grip firmness is consistent throughout the throw

A well-executed tomahawk throw relies on a combination of technique, practice, and a confident grip. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be throwing tomahawks with precision in no time.

Body Mechanics And Stance Before The Throw

Mastery of the Tomahawk throw in Frisbee hinges not just on your arm. Your entire body must work as one. Let’s dive into the proper stance and body mechanics that provide the foundation for a powerful and accurate throw.

Foot Positioning And Weight Distribution

Foot positioning anchors your Tomahawk throw. Here is how to set it up right:

  • Stand sideways to your target.
  • Keep your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Place your lead foot slightly in front.
  • Distribute most of your weight on the back foot.
  • Shift the weight forward as you throw.

Torso And Shoulder Alignment

Your torso and shoulders are key for directing the Frisbee. Follow these tips to align them:

  1. Keep your shoulders level and in line with your target.
  2. Rotate your upper body away from the target as you draw the disc back.
  3. Unwind in one swift motion, releasing the Frisbee at shoulder height.

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The Throwing Motion Explained

Mastering the tomahawk throw in Frisbee is a game-changer on the field. It combines power and precision, cutting through the air like a swift blade. Before you unleash this dynamic throw, understanding the mechanics is critical. From arm angle to wrist snap, each movement should synchronize for a clean and powerful throw. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the perfect tomahawk throw.

Arm Angle And Release Point

Setting the arm angle is the foundation of a potent tomahawk throw. Begin by holding the Frisbee upright, perpendicular to the ground. Your arm should reach back, aligning with your shoulders. Imagine your arm as the lever of a catapult, poised to launch the disc through the skies.

  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart for stability.
  • Reach the disc back, angling the arm above shoulder level.
  • Align the Frisbee’s edge to the direction you aim to throw.
  • Release at a point where the disc is highest, around forehead height.

Wrist Snap And Follow-through

The wrist snap is the secret spice that adds spin to the Frisbee. This spin stabilizes the disc in flight, ensuring it travels your intended path. Snap your wrist as if cracking a whip, the motion should feel snappy and quick.

Wrist Action Follow-Through
Quick, snappy motion Arm continues the motion after the release
Generates spin for stability Maintains direction and force

For the follow-through, don’t stop your arm movement abruptly after releasing the disc. Let your arm continue the throwing motion, following the flight path you want the Frisbee to take. Pronounced follow-through ensures maximum power and directional control.

How to Tomahawk a Frisbee




Mastering The Flight Path Of A Tomahawk

When you tomahawk a Frisbee, it’s not just about power; it’s about precision. Understanding how a Frisbee soars, twists, and lands is vital. A tomahawk throw can seem daunting, but with a few tips, anyone can learn to send a disc slicing through the air in this unique and effective manner.

Understanding The S-curve

A tomahawk throw creates an “S-curve” flight path. This is due to the Frisbee’s aerodynamics. When the Frisbee is released with a tomahawk throw, it travels upside down, spinning opposite to a regular backhand throw. The spin makes the disc curve one way, then the other, forming an S in the sky.

  • Start with the disc tipped slightly toward you.
  • Throw with an overhand motion like a baseball.
  • Practice to get the right angle for the perfect S-curve.

Controlling The Altitude And Distance

The key to success in frisbee throwing lies in the control of altitude and distance. Adjusting the angle of release allows you to dictate how high and far the Frisbee will go. Remember, the sharper the angle, the higher and shorter the throw.

Angle of Release Flight Result
Steep Angle High Altitude, Short Distance
Moderate Angle Medium Altitude, Medium Distance
Low Angle Low Altitude, Long Distance

Advanced Tomahawk Techniques

Mastering the tomahawk throw in frisbee is like painting a canvas in the air. It’s an art requiring finesse, power, and understanding aerodynamics. Beyond the basics, let’s explore advanced techniques that can elevate your game.

Throwing Against The Wind

Wind can be a friend or foe when executing a tomahawk throw. It’s essential to use the wind to your advantage. Adjust your stance and grip based on the wind’s direction to maintain control.

  • Face the wind with your shoulder angled slightly.
  • Hold the frisbee with a firmer grip than usual.
  • Release the frisbee at a higher angle of attack.

Incorporating Angles For Obstacle Navigation

Using angles effectively can help navigate through tough spots on the course. Angle your throw to curve around or over obstacles. Precision is key to mastering this technique.

Obstacle Type Angle Suggestion Throw Adjustment
Tree Line Sharp Angle Higher Release Point
Low Branches Flatter Angle Lower Release Point
Tight Spaces Extreme Angle Maximum Spin

Utilize these techniques to gain mastery over the disc’s flight path. With practice, conquering any frisbee course becomes second nature. Get ready to impress with your advanced tomahawk skills!

Practice Drills For Consistency And Accuracy

Mastering the tomahawk throw in frisbee isn’t just about power; it’s about precision. It requires a balance of strength, timing, and technique. Here’s where drills come in handy. With targeted practice sessions, anyone can learn to wield the tomahawk with top-notch consistency and sniper-like accuracy. Today, we’re highlighting two drills guaranteed to upgrade your throwing game.

Repetitive Throws For Muscle Memory

Building muscle memory is vital. It helps your body memorize the motions for a perfect throw. Start with repetitive throwing exercises:

  • Find an open space: A park or a field works great.
  • Mark a spot: Choose a target or mark a point to aim at.
  • Throw with intent: Focus on your form with each release.
  • Use a consistent grip: Place your fingers the same way every time.
  • Stay relaxed: Keep your wrist and arm tension-free.

Aim for at least 50 throws per session. Notice your grip, stance, and release. Aim to perform each throw identically. Repetition engrains the motion into your muscles.

Target Practice Games

Target practice turns drills into competitive fun. Try these games for a challenge:

  1. Accuracy Rings: Set up hula hoops or similar rings at various distances. Score points by landing the disc in the rings.
  2. Obstacle Courses: Create a layout of targets with different objects. Navigate your tomahawk through the course.
  3. Beat the Clock: Have a timed session to hit as many targets as possible. This adds pressure similar to game conditions.

These games keep practice enjoyable and sharpen your tomahawk skills. With consistent practice, you will nail that perfect throw every time.

How to Tomahawk a Frisbee




Frequently Asked Questions For How To Tomahawk A Frisbee


How Do You Overhand Throw A Disc?


Stand with your target to your left, assuming you’re right-handed. Grip the disc’s edge with your fingers underneath and thumb on top. Bring your throwing arm behind your head. Swiftly move your arm forward, releasing the disc at head height.


Aim for a smooth, straight release toward your target.


How Do You Curve A Frisbee?


To curve a Frisbee, use a tilted wrist to control the angle, and snap your wrist firmly during the throw to add spin and direction.


Can You Throw A Disc Like A Baseball?


No, throwing a disc like a baseball is not recommended as the technique and mechanics differ significantly.


How Do You Whip A Frisbee?


To whip a Frisbee, use a sidearm flick motion with a strong wrist snap at release to make the disc spin rapidly and fly straight.




Mastering the tomahawk throw in Frisbee is a unique skill that sets you apart. You’ve got the steps, the grip, and the technique down. Now take your disc, head to the field, and send it soaring with confidence. Remember, practice is key; each throw hones your skill further.


Embrace the flight, and watch your Frisbee arc through the air, just as you planned. Keep playing, keep improving, and most of all, enjoy every tomahawk throw.