How Big is an Ultimate Frisbee Field

An ultimate Frisbee field measures 64 meters in length and 37 meters in width. The end zones are 18 meters deep.

Ultimate Frisbee, often simply called Ultimate, is a dynamic sport that merges the non-stop movement and athletic endurance of soccer with the aerial passing skills of football. Played with a flying disc, the field for Ultimate is strikingly similar in layout to a football field but with its unique dimensions, designed to offer a fast-paced, fluid game.

The playing field, rectangular with end zones at each end, provides ample space for players to engage in this team sport that emphasizes self-refereeing and sportsmanship. As a game growing in popularity worldwide, knowing the size of an ultimate Frisbee field is crucial for players, coaches, and fans alike. Whether you’re setting up a field for a local tournament or trying to understand the spatial dynamics of the game, the dimensions of the field are fundamental to the sport’s play.

How Big is an Ultimate Frisbee Field



Dimensions Of An Ultimate Frisbee Field

Dimensions of an Ultimate Frisbee Field

The dimensions of an Ultimate Frisbee field are critical to the flow of the game. An Ultimate field matches the needs for both space and strategy. Knowing the size helps players understand the game better. Let’s dive into the precise measurements of an Ultimate Frisbee field.

Standard Length And Width

An Ultimate Frisbee field is rectangular in shape. The playing field measures 64 meters (210 feet) in length and 37 meters (121 feet) in width. Clear boundaries ensure fair play. Teams play within these lines to score points.

End Zone Proportions

The end zones are critical scoring areas on an Ultimate Frisbee field. Each end zone extends 18 meters (59 feet) deep. This space allows players to make strategic moves and score. The width of an end zone is the same as the field’s width, creating consistency and balance.

Table to visualize dimensions
Field Area Measurements (meters) Measurements (feet)
Length 64 210
Width 37 121
End Zone Depth 18 59

Comparing Ultimate Frisbee Fields To Other Sports

When you think of sports fields, football and soccer might come to mind. Ultimate Frisbee fields have unique dimensions that make the sport distinct. Do you know how an Ultimate Frisbee field stacks up against football and soccer fields? Let’s put them side by side to see the differences.

Football Vs. Ultimate Frisbee

Football fields are giants in the sports world. They measure 360 feet long and 160 feet wide. But, Ultimate Frisbee plays it a bit differently. A standard Ultimate Frisbee field stretches 400 feet in length and is 180 feet wide. The end zones for Ultimate Frisbee are 40 feet deep, bigger than the 30 feet end zones for football. Here’s a quick view:

Football Field Ultimate Frisbee Field
Length 360 feet 400 feet
Width 160 feet 180 feet
End Zone Depth 30 feet 40 feet

Soccer Field Size Comparison

Soccer fields come in various sizes. A professional soccer pitch can be up to 390 feet long and 270 feet wide, much larger than an Ultimate Frisbee field. The playing area for youth soccer fields varies, but they are usually smaller. The Ultimate Frisbee field fits snugly in an intermediate size. Check this out:

  • Professional Soccer Field: Up to 390 feet by 270 feet
  • Ultimate Frisbee Field: 400 feet by 180 feet
  • Youth Soccer Field: Smaller than professional fields

Overall, Ultimate Frisbee fields offer a medium-sized playing space ideal for high-energy games and strategic plays. They bridge the gap between smaller sports fields and large-scale arenas.

Field Markings And Their Significance

The field for Ultimate Frisbee is not just a stretch of grass. It has very specific markings. Each line on the field has a purpose. They guide players during the game. They help in understanding the rules.

Brick Mark And Its Use

A brick mark is crucial in Ultimate Frisbee. It’s found in the center of the field. It marks where a player can start play after certain stoppages. The mark ensures fair play. It gives a standard spot for resuming the game.

Sidelines And End Zones

Sidelines define the playing area. They keep the game contained. If a disc lands outside, it’s out-of-bounds. This resets the play.

End zones are the scoring areas. They are at each end of the field. A point is scored here. Teams fight to catch the disc in these zones. They are crucial for victory.

Regulation Variations Across Organizations

Ultimate Frisbee fields are not one-size-fits-all. Different organizations have different rules. These variations can affect the size of the field. Let’s explore how these rules change between organizations and levels of play.

Usa Ultimate Vs Wfdf Standards

The two main governing bodies for Ultimate Frisbee are USA Ultimate (USAU) and the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF). Each body has slightly different field dimensions.

Organization Field Length Field Width End Zone Length
USA Ultimate 64 meters (~210 feet) 37 meters (~120 feet) 23 meters (~75 feet)
WFDF 100 meters (~328 feet) 37 meters (~120 feet) 18 meters (~59 feet)

The central playing fields differ, but width stays consistent. The end zone size sees more notable changes.

Differences In Amateur Play

Field sizes can also change in amateur play. These are less strict compared to official regulations. Here are common variations:

  • Smaller schools might have shorter fields.
  • Recreational leagues can adjust to available space.
  • Pick-up games rarely measure exact dimensions.

Even with these changes, all players aim to have fun and stay active. The spirit of the game remains the same, regardless of the field size.

Setting Up An Ultimate Frisbee Field

Before you enjoy the flying disc action, the right field setup is key. A well-marked Ultimate Frisbee field ensures fair play. This guide helps you create the perfect field for your next game.

Equipment And Materials Needed

First, gather the essentials:

  • Four cones for field corners.
  • Six additional cones for goal lines and brick marks.
  • 100-meter measuring tape for accurate dimensions.
  • Field marking paint or line marking machine, if desired.
  • A copy of the field layout for reference.

Step-by-step Guide To Marking The Field

  1. Measure 64 meters to set the sidelines.
  2. Mark two end zones, each 18 meters deep.
  3. Place cones at corner and center points.
  4. Mark the brick marks at 18 meters from each end zone.
  5. Ensure the entire field is a rectangle, not a square.
  6. Double-check measurements for accuracy.

With the right tools and these steps, your Ultimate Frisbee field is game-ready. Keep the measurements precise, and your setup will be perfect for that next big catch or defensive block!

How Big is an Ultimate Frisbee Field


Maintenance And Care Of Frisbee Fields

The Maintenance and Care of Frisbee Fields is crucial for optimal play. Proper field upkeep ensures safety and enhances the enjoyment of the game. Whether grass or turf, each type requires specific attention. Balance is key in maintaining a field that stands the test of time and frequent games.

Grass Vs. Turf Fields

Choosing between grass and turf impacts maintenance routines and expenses. Grass fields offer natural playability but demand more care. Turf fields present consistency and lower upkeep needs.

  • Grass fields need regular mowing, aeration, and fertilization.
  • Turf fields require less water and no mowing.
Grass Fields Turf Fields
Soil testing Surface leveling
Weed control Debris removal
Irrigation management Infills replenishing

Regular Maintenance Tips

Adherence to a regular maintenance routine is key. It ensures the longevity of the playing surface. Follow these tips to keep your field in top condition.

  1. Inspect the field for damage or hazards regularly.
  2. Clean debris to prevent surface damage.
  3. Maintain proper moisture levels for grass fields.
  4. Check for and repair turf seams and tears immediately.

Remember, consistent care facilitates better play. Invest time in these practices to safeguard your field’s playability.

How Big is an Ultimate Frisbee Field


Frequently Asked Questions For How Big Is An Ultimate Frisbee Field

How Big Is The Ultimate Football Field?

An Ultimate frisbee field measures 64 meters in length and 37 meters in width, including end zones that are 18 meters deep.

How Do You Set Up An Ultimate Field?

To set up an ultimate field, mark the endzones at each end of a rectangular pitch, ensuring a standard field is 64 meters long and 37 meters wide, with endzones 18 meters deep. Use cones for clear demarcation.

Is The End Zone 40 Yards Deep In Ultimate Frisbee?

No, the end zone in Ultimate Frisbee is not 40 yards deep. It is typically 25 yards deep, as described in the official rules of the game.

Is Ultimate Frisbee Played On A Football Field?

Ultimate Frisbee is typically not played on a standard football field. It has its own field dimensions, which are similar, but not identical.


To wrap it up, understanding an Ultimate Frisbee field’s dimensions enhances your gameplay. Precise knowledge of the 64 meters by 37 meters field can be crucial for strategy and skill development. Embrace this insight, and you’re set for success on the pitch.

Remember, the field is big, but your passion for the game should always be bigger.